Jeremiah 38:24-26

Then Zedekiah said to Jeremiah, “Do not let anyone know about this conversation, or you may die. If the officials hear that I talked with you, and they come to you and say, “Tell us what you said to the king and what the king said to you; do not hide it from us or we will kill you, then tell them, ‘I was pleading with the king not to send me back to Jonathan’s house to die there.'”

Throughout the Scripture we read of secret meetings between God’s messengers, and those who do not belong to God, but are in a position of authority, Rahab, the harlot, and the spies Joshua sent. Nicodemus and Jesus. King Zedekiah and Jeremiah. This tells us that God continues to do His will and carry out His kingdom plan for eternity, whether we are aware or not. What sort of secrets abound in our politics, in our nation’s dealings with other nations, in other parts of the world. It doesn’t matter. God knows them all.

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