I have had the privilege of leading a Ladies Bible Study for 25 plus years.  This study was fueled by a conversation with my daughter when she came home from Bible College.  She said,“I study God and the Bible as academic subjects every day in school, so Bible study for me personally, has lost its attraction.”  From that conversation, came the mission statement for my devotion to women’s study of the Bible: “God is not a subject to be studied; God is a person to be loved.”  In 25 years, I have journaled through the Bible two times, back and forth between the Old and New Testaments, learning the character and faithfulness of God. From this, I have grown in knowledge of grace, wisdom, and redemption.  I have enjoyed first-hand the experience of the practical application of biblical truth and wisdom to everyday life.
Because of this first-hand walk through the Scripture, and a growing personal relationship with the God of the Bible, opportunities for mentoring and discipleship have been many.  Working with teens and women – married or single – teaching them how God’s Word applies to every aspect of life is a joy.
As a school teacher for 14 years, and a Bible study teacher for nearly 30 years, I have answered many a phone call in the night.  “Please, can you pray with me.  My mom and I are not getting along!” “My husband and I are fighting all the time how can God’s Word and His wisdom help me in this difficult hour?” “If God loves me, why can’t I get my locker open and I am always late to class, which leads to punishment from my folks?”
Practical and relevant, the truth from God’s Word is readily available to those who will search for it.

What can you expect from this blog?

For 32 years, I worked at Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp in North Idaho.  I kept a big glass jar on my desk.  The label said, “Encouragement Vitamins”, and inside the jar was a constantly changing variety of candy – brightly colored, brightly flavored, and often rich sweet chocolate.  In the beginning, I was surprised at the number of people – some younger, some older – who would say, “your know, I need a little encouragement”, and help themselves to a treat. Whether they were speaking their own need out loud, or just acknowledging that everyone needs a little encouragement now and then, they felt free to help themselves.
We all need encouragement – at home, at work, in friendship, in marriage, in life.  This is the premise of the blog you are considering. These are “encouragement vitamins” from God’s Word, the Bible.
My goal is to provide a twice weekly study/devotional-  Mondays and Fridays.  I hope to provide new insight into the Scripture as it applies to the circumstances of our everyday lives, and a new understanding that if God says it, we CAN do it.  His Word is true.