I am blessed with your mentorship.  I can honestly say that part of who I am in Christ is because of your investment.   C.M.

You have led our group on an amazing journey through the Word that has transformed each one of us and continues to transform us.  Thank you for introducing me to the book of Ecclesiastes.  My life has been changed.   B.

Thank you, Linda, for making Jesus more real and a real necessity for my life!   N.B.

I will never forget the time that God used you to change my life!  He answered my prayer more directly than ever in my life, then I really knew God was there and wanted me to serve Him.   L.B., former student

You truly are a life changing person as the love of Christ comes out of you to us younger folks.   N. H. , former co-workers

For Linda, the reward is watching women fall in love with the Lord.  I think that is why she shares who she is, and what she knows, with others.    J.M.