Jeremiah 7:12-14

Go now to the place in Shiloh where I first made a dwelling for my Name and see what I did to it because of the wickedness of my people Israel. While you were doing all these things, declares, the LORD, I spoke to you again and again, but you did not listen; I called you, but you did not answer. Therefore, what I did to Shiloh, I will now do to the house that bears my Name, the temple you trust in, the place I gave to you and your fathers.

In the case of the Israelites, the Lord spoke to them, either Himself, or through the prophets. He called, but they did not answer, and so destruction came upon them. They chose what they wanted over what God had for them. There were dire consequences to that choice. For us, God’s speaking comes through His Word or the counsel of a godly friend. Sometimes it comes through Christian radio or even through the beauty of creation. Disregarding His calling out to us, brushing aside His words of wisdom can cost us our contentment, our intimacy with Him and our fellowship with other believers. This price is TOO HIGH! What we desire that is apart from our Lord can never compare to what we enjoy with Him.

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