Psalm 61: 2-4

From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.  For you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the foe.  I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings.

Here we see both the warrior David and the shepherd David The military man is looking for a higher rock, a strong tower from which to take up a safe position.  The shepherd longs to be in the shelter of God’s wings, and to dwell in his tent.

As Christians, sometimes we will find ourselves on our knees, in the height of spiritual warfare, battling it out for the souls of men.  Other times, we will long for a quiet place to rest, be refreshed, and sheltered, where we find wisdom, encouragement and the grace to continue the battle.  God is our Provider of both.

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