Mark 4: 24

“Consider carefully What you hear,” he continued, “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you – and even more.”

This really struck me: be careful what measure you use, because the same will be measured to you.

If you can be generous, do so.  If you are unable to be generous, ask God.  If generosity is truly your desire, He will bless you so that you can be generous.  I think this applies to money, to forgiveness, to kindness, to grace.

TESTIMONY:  I was a single mom for many years.  Most of the time, what I made for wages barely covered our living expenses.  One time, there were missionaries visiting our church, and they were taking a special offering for them.  I really waned to give, but had nothing extra.  I prayed and asked God to provide so I could give.  That night, I was called to the cafe where I worked as a cook to fill in as an emergency waitress for someone who was sick.  I made $14.00 in tips, and was delighted to place that gift in the offering.  

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